Turtle Love

Last week the Australian Times reportedthat a pair of turtles, both 115 years old, ‘divorced’ each other after over a hundred years of marriage. They had what seemed like an ideal relationship: they knew each other when they were young, grew up together, and were inseparable. But then the female Bibi bit off a chunk of her partner’s shell, and now it seems they can’t “stand each other.” They were moved to separate cages where both seem significantly happier.

Fossilized love making

In more turtle love news, BBC reports that scientists have found a fossilied pair of turtles who supposedly sank in lakebed sediments while they were having sex. The pair are 47 million years old.

“Researchers think the turtles had initiated sex in the surface waters of the lake that once existed on the site, and were then overcome as they sank through deeper layers made toxic by the release of volcanic gases.”


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