Chesty Chests Make Headlines Again

There have been so many stories lately on women getting far too much plastic surgery. Think Octomom or the lady who was kicked off of Anderson Cooper’s show because he found her repulsive (she was encouraging her seven year old daughter to get lipo and breast implants.) Well here again we see the trend continuing. Meet a woman who has L cups for breast size. They’re so gigantic she has a surgically implanted bra to support the 10ish pound breasts because her skin just wouldn’t be able to take it otherwise. Guess who also wants breast implants now too? Her daughter (not sure if it’s the one pictured below, but you’ll see her on the Dr. Drew video)


I could not post the other picture of her… it was too painful



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2 responses to “Chesty Chests Make Headlines Again

  1. My goals not sure, I never set goals, I set ideas. This year’s theme is my big garden. We moved and left our raiesd beds behind, but let me tell you about my 20 40 garden to be!!!!! I am very excited about this I’ll send you some dried produce to experiment with!! Maybe I’ll think about my crock pot usage, too. I don’t love most of the recipes I have for it because most use cream-0f-soups-that-are-banished-from-my-kitchen, so I have to think more about this. And, you’re right, I should use my Evernote more. Both to organize my kitchen and life.Dawn Casey-Rowe recently posted..

  2. The honesty of your posting shines through

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