Senator Refused Service At Restaurant

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield was refused service at a restaurant in downtown Knoxville, Ten

Sen. Stacey Campfield

nessee last Sunday when he walked into Bijou for breakfast. Martha Boggs, the restaurant owner who told him to leave, said the Republican senator has gone from being “stupid to dangerous” because of some of his anti-gay stances. He recently sponsored legislation that would ban discussion of homosexuality in elementary and middle schools and has also claimed on satellite radio that the HIV epidemic began when a gay airline employee had sex with a monkey.

According to his blogpost, Boggs yelled at Campfield while he was waiting with friends to be seated, accusing him of “hating gays” before kicking him out. Martha Boggs’ version of the encounter can be found here.
Campfield replied to the treatment on his blogpost:

“I just figured this is just another example of the open minded tolerant left. They claim tolerances for divergent points of view…..Until someone actually has one. Then they don’t know how to handle it.”

It’s not the “divergent point of view” that Martha Boggs and the 900 people who have “liked” a “Recall TN State Senator Campfield” page on Facebook have a problem with. It’s the Senator’s insistence on misrepresenting a group of people by dispersing false information about something as serious as the origins of HIV.

On his blog, Campfield defends that he is not a historian on AIDS, and that in the uncut radio interview he was asked to tell what he had heard was the history of AIDS. He continues:

“The research on sex with a monkey being the first transmitter of AIDS has not been proven nor firmly dis proven. It is one of about 5 theories I was able to find on the source of AIDS. No credible source said any one was clearly definitive one way or the other.”

He provided a link to his source of information, which is a Wikipedia article. Most experts within the scientific community agree that the virus did not jump from the primates to humans because a homosexual man practiced bestiality.

Boggs said in the Knoxville News Sentinel that Campfield did not say much when he was asked to leave, and “left graciously.”


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