Know Your Super PACS

Forget traditional campaigning methods. Million-dollar ads purchased by Super PACs have affected primary results more than other forms of campaigning, including personal appearances by candidates, campaign speeches or town hall meetings, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Paul

What Are Super PACs and How Are They Legal?

Technically known as independent spending only political action committees, Super PACs can raise unlimited sums of money then spend it to overtly advocate for or against candidates. Super PACs have grown in number since the Federal Court’s March 2010 decision for v. Federal Election Commission, which upheld a previous decision with Citizens United. It ruled that limiting campaign contributions to an independent organization for political expression is tantamount to limiting expression, which is a violation of the First Amendment. “By enjoining the FEC from enforcing limits against prospective donors to, the court has ensured that everyone is free to associate and speak about politics,” said Steve Simpson, senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, which represented SpeechNow. “No one should have to choose between their First Amendment right to speak and their First Amendment right to associate.” Lawyer Stephen Hoersting said in a statement: “The court affirmed that groups of passionate individuals, like billionaires — and corporations and unions after Citizens United — have the right to spend without limit to independently advocate for or against federal candidates.”

Super PACs: Good or Bad for Politics?

Most of the money Super PACs receive comes from corporations, unions, and wealthy individuals, most of who remain anonymous. Because candidates names are not affiliated with a Super PAC since it remains illegal for funds to be given to an individual, Super PACs provide an effective means for candidates to attack their opponents without getting their hands dirty. It absolves them from responsibility for the negative content within the ad, for example Mitt Romney’s denial that he’s ever seen the ads attacking his opponent Newt Gingrich.

President Obama, who criticized the Citizens United decision, has come under fire for reversing his stance and giving his blessings to Priorities USAAction, a Super PAC organized to help his reelection effort. “President Obama’s flip-flop on Super PACs reeks of hypocrisy,” David Bossie of Citizens United wrote. “He spent the last two years criticizing the decision – even lecturing the Supreme Court during his 2010 State of the Union Speech. Now, President Obama and his $1 billion campaign are fully embracing it.”

But others say that the Democrats are playing the game according to the rules the GOP fought for. “Who wouldn’t want to run in an election with an advantage that can be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars?” Bill Burton, former White House Deputy Press Secretary wrote, “We may not like the rules, but we didn’t choose them.”

Inundating airwaves with ads during election season can be one way to contribute to political discourse. There is nothing more democratic than an election where groups of individuals can express their political opinion to the masses. But it can also turn off voters who see Super PAC ads as smear campaigns despite their attractively patriotic names such as Restore Our Future; Red, White and Blue; and Freedomworks For America. Such monikers conceal the political agenda and present the Super PACs as unbiased truth-tellers for the greater good. Yet many criticize them for being nothing more than the mouthpiece of the mega rich, and yet another way in which the proverbial one percent can manipulate the electoral stage by distorting issues more than illuminating them.

A full list of Super PACS and the candidate each supports can be found here. Below are a few:

Group Supports/Opposes Independent
Viewpoint Total Raised
Restore Our Future supports Romney $7,795,104 Conservative $12,231,700
Winning Our Future supports Gingrich $4,204,685 Conservative $0
Make Us Great Again supports Perry $3,793,524 Conservative $0
Our Destiny PAC supports Huntsman $2,453,204 Conservative $0
Endorse Liberty supports Paul $1,165,542 Conservative $0
House Majority PAC $1,105,843 Liberal $2,110,000
American Crossroads $1,064,223 Conservative $6,679,887
Red, White and Blue supports Santorum $727,200 Conservative $0
Club for Growth Action $574,102 Conservative $1,344,592
9-9-9 FUND supports Cain $468,445 Conservative $0
Citizens for a Working America PAC supports Romney $455,000 Conservative $858
Majority PAC $450,559 Liberal $1,082,407
Priorities USA Action supports Obama $321,229 Liberal $3,161,535
Santa Rita Super PAC supports Paul $317,542 Conservative $0
Freedomworks for America $249,230 Conservative $0
Leaders for Families supports Santorum $218,411 Conservative $0

Here are a few of the ads – also here that starts off, “Know what makes Barack Obama happy?” and here.


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