Skimming Your Bank Card Info

With 3D printers making everything from coffee mugs to skateboards, it’s no surprise that they’re also being used to make objects designed for nefarious purposes: ATM skimmers—devices that record data from the magnetic stripe of a credit or debit card. In July of this year, one was found at a Chase ATM in Los Angeles. It was designed to fit over the card acceptance slot and had a small camera to record the cardholder’s pin. Earlier this November, a gang of three men were arrested in New York under suspicion of planting skimmers in ATMs around Manhattan. They were able to steal up to $400,000. The tricky thing with skimmers is that they so closely resemble the actual ATM machines and therefore go unnoticed by bank customers. 3D printing manufacturers have been noticing a rise in skimmer orders which means more skimmers are out there, and have not been found. As new technology advances, so do ways for tech savvy crooks to steal people’s card information.

For more, go to Krebs on Security.

More images here.

Credit Card Fraud

Chase ATM Skimmer


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