In Case You Missed It…Women Jeopardizing Their Health For Big Butts

A Miami Gardens woman allegedly injected cement, Fix a Flat, mineral oil, and superglue into the buttocks of a “patient” looking to enhance her figure. Police arrested Oneal Ron Morris on Friday and has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury. International Business Times writes, “Morris was re-arrested on Wednesday after a second woman came forward, alleging that Morris injected her leg and buttocks with the substance.” This according to NBC Miami. There are no photos of the victims of Morris’ “cosmetic surgery” scam but below are pictures of her; she administered the procedure to herself as well.

In the same vein, the UK Sun reported a growing trend in British women seeking to enhance their rear-ends by purchasing uncontrolled butt enlargement pills. These pills were originally to fatten poultry. The effect is supposedly the same for women–larger thighs, bums, and hips. One of the main ingredients is estrogen, a hormone responsible for giving women their curves, although too much can cause blood clots and breast cancer.

The trend began in Jamaica in the 1990’s and last year NPR did a report on it, highlighting the varying standards of beauty– the super skinny ideal body of the Euro-centric versus the curvy heavy-set ideal of the Afrocentric.  “Most males, they love to see women with big bottoms. The whole idea of Coca-Cola bottle shape” Carol Turpin of St. Catherine, Jamaica, says. ” ‘I don’t want a meager woman,’ that’s how the men would speak. … They’re figuring if you look meager, you look poor, in the sense that you’re not being taken care of.” Although recently women in Jamaica are straying away from the heavy-set look, and opting for the fit-and-trim look instead.

Oneal Ron Morris

Whether it’s Fix-A-Flat or chicken pills, or the other extreme of unsafe diet pills or starvation, women continue to jeopardize their health for the perfect body type ideal.


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