Quotes From Public Figures About OWS

Below are several statements made by pundits, celebrities, activists, and politicians about the Occupy movement.

“My question for the Occupy Wall Street group is: ‘What ‘s their message?'” -Newt Gingrich, on CBS’s “The Early Show”

“You may not like Koch and Murdoch’s products — fertilizer and media — but neither one has anything to do with Wall Street. Unlike money manipulators such as John Corzine (Democrat), Robert Rubin (Democrat) and George Soros (Democrat and Obama’s biggest supporter), Koch and Murdoch make money from corporations that actually produce something. They take risks, make things and get menaced by the government. Wall Street schemers take no risks, produce nothing and get bailed out by the government.” -Ann Coulter, on her website

“There is a tremendous fervent and there is something wrong with this country. Our country is blowing up in front of our eyes.” -Donald Trump, on the Daily Ticker

“Some are demonstrating, because they’re scared to death they won’t get their handouts. And the other half are demonstrating, because they’re sick and tired of paying for it. I’m on the side of sick and tired of paying for it.” -Ron Paul, MSNBC First Read

“This movement is so beyond just, hey, let’s get behind this candidate, get them elected to office. Those days are over. You know, we’ve all worked for candidates. We’ve all voted. We’ve all participated. And what have we gotten out of it?” Michael Moore, on CNN

“Don’t let the jerks steal your movement.” Geraldo Rivera, after a protestor dumped powder on his hair

“We need a healthy banking system in this country. We need strong capital markets. What is missing are regulations with teeth.” Alec Baldwin, on Twitter


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