A Conservative Christian Walks into A Gay Bar…


Andrew Marin

Andrew Marin

“The Marin Foundation believes that polite, honest conversation between people of all perspectives is essential if Christians are to address questions about sexuality more effectively.”

With gay rights becoming increasingly more recognized, like New York State’s legalization of gay marriage in June, it’s surprising that organizations like the Marin Foundation are not more widespread throughout the U.S.

The Foundation was started by Andrew Marin, a self-proclaimed “Bible-banging, homophobic kid,” once upon a time. When three of his close friends came out, his adventure into theological reevaluation began. What resulted was a straight, evangelical Christian man moving into Chicago’s notorious LGBT neighborhood, Boystown. But it was not to proselytize– he wanted to foster open communication about homosexuality and Christianity. The organization is the first to “build a bridge between the religious and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities in a non-threatening, research and Biblically oriented fashion.” From meetings with conservative Christians in Chicago’s popular gay bar to national talks about the issue, Marin’s message is that ultimately, love is an orientation. Now Marin’s self-proclamation is that he’s “just a dude trying to learn how to live and love.”

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