Best & Worst of GOP Debate 2011- Orlando


All the dog references: “After an outpouring of emails from dog-owners who said the last bell sounded like their door bell, we have a new sound for the candidates if they run too long…” Bret Baier. “That dog won’t hunt.” – Herman Cain. “My next-door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.” – Gary Johnson.

Shannon Bream’s cameraman

Ron Paul on Abortion – “There are circumstances where doctors have used day after pills with rape. And quite frankly if somebody is treated, you don’t even know if a person is pregnant, you don’t even know if there’s a disease but if it’s 24 hours after rape, I don’t know how you’re gonna police it. […] We have too many laws already, how are you going to police the day after pill? […] The law won’t solve the problem. Only the moral character of the people will solve this problem.”

Rick Perry on Educating Undocumented Immigrants – “If you’re saying that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.”


Undocumented immigrants being referred to as “illegals” throughout the entire debate.

Rick Perry on Job Creation – forever wanting to make the United States one big Texas… “If it’ll work in the State of Texas, it’ll work in Washington D.C.” “Well you’ll see a more specific jobs plan but you look at the State of Texas and see what we’ve done there…” “People understand that in the State of Texas in the last decade, something special happened there. It was the number 1 State for relocation for five years in a row and we plan on keeping it that way, Rick.”

Rick Santorum suggesting Rick Perry didn’t answer the hypothetical question about Pakistan losing control of its nuclear weapons to the Taliban– and then repeating the same answer that Rick Perry did. (Perry – “You have to build a relationship in that region. […] The point is, our allies need to understand clearly that we are their friends, that we will be standing by there with them.” Santorum – “The bottom line is that we should be establishing relationships with Pakistan, with allies of ours. Folks like uh, like relationships with President Musharaf who we had in the past, with others in that country.”)

Rick Santorum, contradicting himself in the same sentence. “The bottom line is that we should be establishing relationships with Pakistan, with allies of ours. […] But working with allies in that country is the last thing we want to do. We want to make sure that problem is diffused.”

Newt Gringrich inadvertently admitting that outsourcing is a smart foreign policy move: “I would replace virtually all government to government aid with some kind of investment approach that encourage American companies to create jobs that make both the United States and the other country wealthier.”

My vote: Winner is Ron Paul for unparalleled straightforwardness and pragmatism the entire debate without smug smiling during applause or changing his intonation according to audience reaction. Loser: there are no losers. Ahem. However, final consensus seems to be (here and here) that the winner of the GOP Orlando debate is former MA Governor Mitt Romney.


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